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Spiritual Award


by Gemma Potts


Judges Choice Award


by Barbara Williams-Hubbard

Adult Poetry

First Place

My Father’s Hands

by Joan Page-Durante

Second Place

Of Earth

by Colleen Russell

Third Place

Am I Depressed, or Is It The Weather

by Elizabeth Marchitti

Honorable Mention

Winter Afternoon

by Edytta Wojnar

 Honorable Mention  Seeing Is Believing by Elizabeth Marchitti
 Honorable Mention  Circumstances by Donald Zirilli
High School Poetry

First Place


by Maria Lazgin-Ciercielli

Second Place

Haunting Words, Sleepless Nights

by  Mellysa Stiel

Third Place

Four Months Of Science Fiction

by Rebekah Hack

Honorable Mention

Vacation Towns

by Rebekah Hack

 Honorable Mention  A Sonnet To Music by Mellysa Stiel
 Honorable Mention  Cub Scouts Visit Battleship, NJ by Dylan Townsend-Solis



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